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Oscarizor 3.0 – Waterfalls And Shapes


Sugar Audio has released “Oscarizor 3.0 – Waterfalls And Shapes” – the 2D/3D multi channel spectrum analyzer VST / VST3 / AU and AAX audio plug-in. The new version introduces 2D/3D waterfall models, the highly customizable SA 3D Engine 2.0 using lighting, model sizing and much more. Again the new version is free for existing customers. Please have a look at the product page and the video.

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Oscarizor 3.0 – First picture


The first picture of Oscarizor version 3 – 3D real-time multi channel spectral waterfall analyzer audio plug-in, coming out in the next weeks and it will definitely change your view to your audio mix.

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Sugar Audio’s tweet & Facebook page started

The new Sugar Audio tweet has been started: please have a look and follow, if you like, at
And Sugar Audio’s Facebook page has been launched as well: It would be great if you could visit and like it.

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Oscarizor V2.61 – Usability First

Sugar Audio has released Oscarizor V2.61 and again this update contains some wishes from world wide users of the Free and Pro version. Highlights of the update are the full window & control hover mode, free channel naming, free channel coloring + propagation and some more features. Have a look at the product page.

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Oscarizor V2.5 – Into The 3rd Dimension


Oscarizor Pro has entered the 3rd dimension with incredible new features. Extensive 3D capabilities, the multi channel gonio meter, combined views, 255 send channels, all-in-one multi panel control, free resizing and custom UI coloration are some of the new features that have to be explored. Again this massive update is FREE for existing customers and of course the free version has been extended, too. Enjoy the product information

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The next Oscarizor update is on the way!

Once again Oscarizor will be updated soon and gets many extensions and new impressive functions. The beta tests are in full swing. Please stay tuned…

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Oscarizor is now a multi analyzer!


Oscarizor has been updated to version 2.0 with great features like multi channel spectrum analyzer, correlation meter, automatic instrument tuner, improved sync features, mid/side processing and AAX support. For existing customers this update is completely FREE and some of the new features are also available in the free version. Read more at the product page

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Oscarizor has been updated to version 1.1


Oscarizor has experienced a big update to version 1.1 with 10 channels simultaneous view, parallel waveform view, channel naming and much more. Have a look at the new features video, highlights and change list at the Oscarizor product page.

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Oscarizor released


We are proud to announce that Oscarizor – the full featured parametric oscilloscope – has been released ! Look at the product page for more informations…

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